Every girl has had this moment… and it  goes one of two ways: You smile and excitedly make your way down or you roll your eyes, roll over and question why niggas love head so much. I am here with an announcement. If you genuinely want to please your mans, it is important (at minimum) that you learn the basics of fellatio. To him it is essential and as an advocate for successful sexual relations, I’m telling you… there’s reasons to love it yourself. Some males express that providing oral sex is an act of submission, and only partake when the women is considered one of their prized possessions. For women, however, it is the opportunity to take complete control. In fact, 🗣 YOU HAVE THE POWER TO RENDER HIM WEAK. It is your chance to take charge, show your skills, and provide something he desires. If you truly like someone, the action is exciting. Cause that’s bae and there’s nothing more pleasing than seeing him satisfied because of you.

We all know the basics: Don’t be teethy. Open your mouth. Lower your tongue. Breathe in and breathe out. Try your hardest. Suck as long as you can and swallow if you really feeling him. Here are some alternative tricks and tips to help you give the best head of your life… because who doesn’t want to provide the kind of sucking that will make your man bite his lips and call out your name, not to mention the sexy groans, rapid pounding of the heart, manly sweat, and non-stop heavins.

The simplest trick to giving good head is to actually enjoy giving head and not think of it as a chore.


Guys peep hella shit. And they can tell the difference between you just doing it and actually enjoying it. Going down is really just one communicating their love and devotion to the others pleasure. So don’t think too hard. While you’re kissing or talking, place your hand on his crotch. Proceed with a kiss trail down his body, or slowly move your fingers up and down. Confidence is key! Don’t be nervous, stiff, or awkward. This is your dick sis. Grab his shaft. Lick your lips and prepare for the makeout. Circle your tongue around the head. Keep your tongue flat and wide, and from the base to the tip move your tongue. Do this all slow, while maintaining eye contact. Wetter is better, so slobber up lmfao. Some guys like it nastier than others, but regardless moisture is a must. Put your lips together, and create a tight opening. Slide your man’s dick inside your mouth. The time is now [nae naes].

“Some girls are rather timid on the top and they don’t like getting nasty. The freakier you are the better. It can be argued that you look like a hoe. But it doesn’t matter… if you’re going to do it, go 100%.”


Just like the female anatomy, the male has some crucial places to know. And the more educated you are, the easier it is to know what to do.

THE HEAD –  AKA NERVE ENDINGS!!!! This is what he uses when he just wants to put the tip in. It’s a great place to focus on, because you don’t have to worry about coughing, choking or gagging. Plus, you can do almost anything with it: kiss it, lick it, apply a circular motion with your tongue. Hell, massage it gently with the tip in your mouth. Whatever you do, just make sure your lips are moist. Nobody wants to feel ya dry, crusty lips on the most sensitive part of the pee-pee. Lightly flicker your tongue around the head and especially the frenulum, which is the ridge right under the tip of the penis.

BASE AND SHAFT – The base is right above the testicles, while the shaft is the long blow load. Work long & purposeful up and down the shaft, slowly applying a firm amount of pressure.

THE PERINEUM – Skin located behind balls near anus. This is SUPER SENSITIVE, and guys are either going to love or hate when you touch it. If ya nasty, lick it and watch him cringe.

BALLS – What would you do with any other balls found? Play with them! Cup them, lick them or roll them in your hand. Occasionally, you can even pop them in your mouth or suck a little bit. Just be gentle, because too much attention can be awkwardly uncomfortable. But don’t forget about them! If you really want to get him, combine this with some hand movement on the shaft. He’s pretty much squirming by now.


The key to success is to allow the whole penis to feel catered to. It’s similar to the idea of deep-throating, except even more sensational because of the variety of actions. Change speeds, from slow to fast, and pressures, from soft to hard to barely there.

MULTI-TASK – Start with your hand on the balls, and another on the shaft, applying some pressure while gripping the shaft. Rotate your hand, up and down, changing pressure, speed, and a variety of stroke lengths. Kiss the balls goodbye, while still jerking off your partner and get ready to multi-task: hands and mouth. A little complicated at first, but with practice it becomes rather poetic. Suck on the tip, while moving up and down with your hand on the lower shaft. Eventually bring your fist up to your mouth and combine the strokes to one, in unison.

Your other hand can also increase sensation, by simply touching different parts of his body. When you do something that it is obvious he enjoys, take the time to play it out, before switching it up to something else. From long licks and little suckles, to handless deep throating and double handed jerkoffs (going in the opposite directions). You want the entire dick to be taken care of.

MIMIC PENETRATION by sucking up and down his shaft. Suction is important because it mimics the tightness of a hole. It can be tiring, but it stimulates large lengths, again providing sensational skin to skin to contact, that feels like intercourse.


Oral is hard work, especially if you’re trying to build up to something rather than just going with the flow. So when you start to get tired (which you will, trust) it’s important to take a breather, without obviously letting your partner know you’re getting restless.

  • A Literal Breather: Sometimes a few breaths over the tip can encourage stimulation. While firmly holding the shaft, hover your mouth over his him, breathing heavily on his tip.
  • Hand Job: Men love visual stimulation, so play with him (and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you play with yourself as well.)
  • Make Out With It: Kiss it. Make sexy eye contact. Use your tongue. Just don’t do this for too long, because it might affect the overall flow of the upcoming blow.


THE CREAMSICLE: Suck it whole in your mouth, up and down, until it’s too weak to last much longer. Do this in short bursts, making sure to clutch his shaft hard and tug in rhythm.

EXPLORER: Lick slowly from the base of the shaft, over the head, before going open-mouth and deep over the whole shaft. Close your lips hard over him, sucking hard but teasingly slow all the way up, then make a couple short little slurping passes over the tip.

SIDEWAYS: Wrap your lips around his shaft sideways. It’s like sucking on the side of your thumb.

MAGIC 8 BALL: If you’re one for numbers or need some long term direction. This is for you. Here’s the formula: 8 shallow sucks, 7 shallow sucks/1 deep, 6 shallow/2 deep, etc. By the time you’ve made it to 8 deep sucks.. the job is mainly done.

LIPSTICK TECHNIQUE: Rather than placing his dick in your mouth, lightly kiss the end using your tongue as if you’re giving it a french kiss. Or just lick it, up and down. Kissing is something you can do in a variety of ways, from pecks or long intense kisses to the wet sloppy ones with saliva dripping from the corner of your mouth. If you want to retrieve him from climaxing, kissing is a way to bring him down, while licking on the other hand, builds sexual tension. Meaning he’ll want you to get it in your mouth already.

COMMUNICATION: Dirty talking or moaning actually provides a vibrating sensation that can add stimulation.

SKULL FU**ING: This act of submission is not made for those with sensitive gag reflexes. It allocates all sources of power to him, meaning not only does he control how deep it goes, but the speed of which it’s inserting your throat is all up to him.


Deep throat is considerably the most applauded and positively recognized oral technique, so knowing how to do this properly will pretty much have your mans like this…tumblr_inline_odw5m3ctmi1s8kxxn_540

The trick is to remain calm and stay in control, because one thing you do not want happening is this sexy gift turning into a physical recap of what you ate for lunch. The slight spasm that occurs thanks to your gag reflex is actually the source of the extreme sensation guys feel when all of them is in your mouth. In addition, to the feeling of having their entire dick catered to. Unless you’re naturally a pro, this act takes a lot personal training. Take him as deep as you can, breathing through your nose. Slowly push down until you feel that gag reflex in full affect. Humming or moaning loosens the throat, while big breaths can also relax your mouth. Go up and down, up and down, up and down. Do it slowly at first, then make it faster. Enjoy what you’re doing. Cause he is!

It’s the natural tendency of your body to gag when a foreign object, such as a deeply thrusting cock, is trying to slide down into your throat. But with practice you can learn to control your gag reflex. You then learn how to relax your tongue so you can slide his cock past it and down into your throat.


The biological definition for when one is about to cum or in the process of cumming is the refractory period. In short, the body is extremely sensitive and for us women, it is the moment where you gain sexual power. By this point his body has tensed up, his penis stiffens, and his breaths are shorter and faster. Vocally, he could be completely quiet or aggressively inform you that he’s about to cum. His face could look as if he were in a little pain and he might even grab you tensely. These are all excellent signs. Your work is about to pay off, so stare him in the eyes and decide which route you’re going to go:

•OPTION 1: This is a solid ending. Slowly, softly lick & kiss it. Show him you’re still there, despite all the craziness going on in his eyes right now.

•OPTION 2: (Choose this one) This is the moment where you go above and beyond, and become recognized for “sucking his soul out.” When the moment is coming, rather than taking the sensual route… speed up everything you’re doing. It may appear painful, and his dramatics are sure to kick in, but continue sucking to provide an even more intense orgasm.


The extraction of his children is upon us. For a lot of ladies, this can be a moment of panic, because you’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do (or where it’s supposed to go). Do whatever makes you comfortable! That could mean swallowing, having a facial, or slowly spitting the goodies right back out. Honestly, it can go wherever… your breast, your collarbone, or down your throat. It’s all up to you.

In the event that you’re swallowing, wait until it’s all there before taking a large gulp. Remnants are not something you want swishing around for that post-sex kiss. If he’s deep enough, it’ll just shoot down your throat, and the taste and consistency will barely be felt. Otherwise, do exactly what you’d think to do: swallow. The aftersuck allows you to really finish the job, sucking out any remaining children left within. This doesnt just show you care, but that you don’t mind finishing the job.

Lick you lips and express your approval. Something as simple as, “that was good” or a deep moan will seal the deal.

“If it’s really that bad, we’ll start coaching you through it. There’s no judgement while you’re having sex. You could be completely unfamiliar with the dick or maybe you’re more experienced because you were in a relationship. I’m not thinking  ‘oh, she doesn’t know what she’s doing so she’s lame’… I’m focused on having sex.”

“Sucking dick is not demeaning, but instead De meaning of life.” Practice and it should all “cum” easier.



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