In today’s world, cunnilingus is not seen as a sexual requirement, but instead an act of generosity, while fellatio persists as a necessity for the man’s best performance. If you didn’t understand what was said above, here it is in layman terms: males expect head, while women think of head as a gift from above. In fact, one is quite impresed when a man genuinely offers to eat them out, due to the overall scarcity of the act. According to Good in Bed’s sex doctors, there are three main reasons why men are more hesitant to go down under, mainly due to misperceptions and misunderstandings.

  1. The Vagina is “Dirty.” The location of the vag is directly below the uretha, where the women pees. In addition, we all know that once a month along with cramps, bloating and a load of emotions, blood continuously streams out this particular hole for at least three days. Despite these natural acts, the vagina is actually really clean, due to its self-sustaining code of conduct. Numerous glands and microorganisms within the vagina work to keep bacteria out, resulting in daily secretions of vaginal discharge that eliminate any unwanted germs. In short, if you believe that biologically the vagina is nasty, you are simply uneducated, because it’s cleaner than the human mouth itself which carries over 600 types of bacteria, compared to the average vaginas 50. Ladies don’t even wash it with soap.
  2. That shit is too complicated. Most women can’t even list the different parts of the vulva, so for a man to know what things are, let alone where things are, is rare. The female anatomy can get a little confusing and for someone with no real knowledge, the idea of eating it just seems like too much.
  3. Oral sex is a form of subservience. Despite it being the most powerful position, seen as the one who is solely providing pleasure, it is an extremely personal act. Hell, you’re sticking your face into the very hole where dick, dildos, and fingers penetrate.

According to doctors, these are the reasons why your man hasn’t provided oral sex. But when a few young men between the ages of 19–22 were asked, alternative explanations were given.

Some guys just don’t like eating pussy.”

Previous experiences could have shaped the mind of your man, making him either all in or not for it. The 1st impression is CRITICAL. “If it’s not shaved, I’m not eating. If it has an odor, I’m not eating. I like eating, but I’m very picky about who I do it to.” Now I know what you’re thinking I SUCK THE HOLE OF WHICH YOU URINATE OUT OF, AND YOU’RE DENYING ME OVER A COUPLE HAIRS. Disappointing, I know.

On the other hand, some guys take full pride in eating their mates out… but that only comes when emotions get involved. So if you’re a category one, it’s probably not happening.

“When you have feelings for someone… you want to do that. It’s a pleasure for you to bring pleasure to them. But when there are no true feelings: it’s more looked at as a chore.” All sources explained how they have to know the person fairly well before making that act. Some even considered it sacred for serious relationships.

The men said it themselves… it’s defintely a double standard and it should be vice versa for women, but that’s just not how it works. For most males, head should just come before sex. It’s the order in which they operate. Kissing and making out are all nice, but it doesn’t turn them on enough to perform their best. Head does.

“If he doesn’t want to do it, the reasoning could vary, but if he’s just choosing not to make that move… it boils down to trust. I don’t know who you’ve been with to put my mouth on that. Let me eat and find out somebody ran a train on you, that’s like kissing a girl after she sucked someone’s dick.”

Men are the most hesitant to serve, when they’re unsure if their service is well-deserved. Eating you out is a sign of trust, and a luxury given to only serious prospects, because news flash ladies… there’s no way your shit is gonna taste like pineapples.

Let’s say trust isn’t an issue. You know good and well, you got your man on lock…but it still isn’t happening. Maybe he’s just not comfortable — respect him still. You know how it feels to have that constant pressure to do something you don’t want to do. Let him slowly make his way to those second pair of lips. Don’t get overexcited when he goes down. Maybe suggest a 69. However it happens, applaud him for his efforts. It’s not easy digging in.

Realistically if you want him to explore… smooth, simplistic lower parts is a way of motivation. “We all have preferences. (Mine would probably have to be bald) any man that says otherwise is lying.” Regardless, one should be keeping it clean and hygienic, but for most men presentation is key. Shower before he comes and place a little coconut oil down there.


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