Y’all understand why niggas like twerking and grinding so much, right? Essentially, they’re just feeling females ride up and down, round and round, fast and slow, on their dick. They’re not doing much work, unless they’re the type to try and be all extra or it’s a Jersey remix and all you hear is HIT IT TO THE BEAT, HIT IT TO THE BEAT, as you brace yourself for the daggering that’s well on it way. Point is, majority of the time, they’re just trying to stay stable and gladly receive that ass. It’s the same with sex. This is his chance to sit back and let you do your thing. He wants to just lay there marveling your movement, kissing your body, maybe even slapping that ass.

Riding is a critical part of sex; it allows the male to take a rest (for once) without interrupting the sexual experience as a whole. It’s all about give and take. You do something for me, I do something for you.

“Males usually have to give full effort 100% of the time. We catch cramps, charlie horses, and all that shit. Regardless, we gotta push through or if we don’t it’s a problem. So for her to be a statue or lazy [when riding] during sex isn’t cool. The guy can’t do all the work, so it’s pretty esssential to know how to ride. You gotta show him that you can have some control too.”

‘Tis imperative that every girl knows what to do when your time to shine on top approaches. The one piece of advice that seems to continuously come forward is maintaining your self-confidence. This was explained more in detail when we focused on how to give your man proper head (which you should read up on if you haven’t already.)

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DICK. You’re in this position for a reason. You obviously want to be there. You obviously want dick, so don’t act uncomfortable around it. The person beneath you is your friend and so is that magic stick he has below his waist.

Girl on top is a favorite for many women, because it allows them the opportunity to dominate once again and most guys find it rather sexy. Not only do you control your own sexual pleasure, but here you are again providing for your mans. Don’t be timid, scared or nervous, because it’s only going to make things awko. A vulnerable and exposed position it is indeed, but the thought of disappointing your mans should be thrown out of the window. HE GETS TO SEE YOU IN ALL YOUR GLORY. 😍

Teasing/Set Up:

If you want the smoothest ride, the requirements are simple: he must be hard and you must be wet. Never just hop on and expect for the best. So as much as males hate teasing, you gotta set him up for the best end result, because dry riding is painful and makes the job rather difficult.

Start with the typical foreplay: Eye him. Kiss him. Throw that booty in the air. Give him a little top. Make your way into perfect positioning, but don’t start just yet. Lest we forget that the tip is pretty much the most sensitive part of the male penis, so use this to your advantage. Rub it against your clitotis (for you of course) while simultaneously massaging his balls (for him). The whole point is to slowly prep him for what’s to come…and lowkey drive him crazy. Give him a sensual kiss or bite that bottom lip, while you slowly put him inside of you.


“I personally like it when girls randomly change the pace… like she could go fast one second and then really slow the next. Reverse cowgirl is always a great position too.” 

Shallow. Deep. Up. Down. Back. Forth. Wiggle it around. Rotate it in circles. Whatever you do, pace yourself, because rushing will only have him getting overly excited in a matter of minutes. The last thing you want is him to blow when you’re just getting started, so try and make it last.

I was in the typical squat position, going up and down, round and round, slow it down… all that good shit. So he’s gassing me up. “Ahhhhh shit.” “Fuckkkk.” Just staring at me. I was Rihanna, he was Drake, and I was putting in work. I don’t even know how this happened exactly, but I placed my hands on his chest, did one last big bounce and next thing you know I was a world-renowed stripper at magic city. I had officially hit a split on the dick.

So this is probably not going to happen on your first real riding experience, but here are some more simplistic techniques that should get the job done:

A. Grind/Ride:

Grinding stimulates both your p**sy and clit at the same time, so every girl should enjoy rolling around. The lack of friction doesn’t really get the man riveted up, but he does get to peep you on top. Take this as the time to get yourself right and prep for the hard work ahead.

B. Bounce:

According to male sources, bouncing is preferred far more than riding and the reasoning is simple: the feeling of ass moving up and down without them even holding you is…well…

Bouncing must be done with a purpose, because it provides a pace that’s very similar to that of him on top AKA he’s more likely to cum. Don’t come up too high and don’t come down to hard. Make sure to keep control .We want sensual not painful… but still turn up. Find the easiest squat position and use him as support.

C. Juice/Kegel:

“You talk like you got the juiceeee and the squeezeeee.”

Juicing is a concept that can elevate your riding capabilities from basic to a complex high-end performance. This is when you squeeze your vag muscles and pull away from him to cause friction. Now it’s much easier said than done, and if you’re new to the kegel game… start practicing in reverse cowgirl. Think as if you’re trying to slowly take his dick from him. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Squeeeeezzeeeee.


  • Push him onto the bed, let him know just how horny you are and sit on top of him. He’ll understand that you want to take the lead.
  • Order him to do something, or yell at him and your man will feel more aroused getting dominated by you at the same time.
  • Grab his hands and force them above his head or hold on to them while you ride. For the real freaks, tie his hands to the bedpost with a scarf. If anything, place your hands on his chest while riding.
  • See if he enjoys choking you gently, take his hands and put them around your neck. Or you can choke him a lil, but know that whatever intensity you bring… he’s gonna match, so don’t be surprised if he picks your ass up and starts going ham.

“Vocal presence, smacking her ass, pulling her hair and choking are all really good signs.” 

“They’ll look you dead in your eyes with their mouth open. They’ll grab your thighs or lower back and hips. What’s best is when they’re watching it… mesmerized by the moment, hypnotized by the motion of the ocean.”


“Guys have to have the ability to stroke you at a certain pace without nutting quick or slowing down or taking a break. We don’t get enough credit. Lowkey most girls really don’t be nothin’ during sex.”

IMPRESS YA MANS LADIES. Don’t be sluggish, on top moving slow with the stank face and complaints. Provide him with ten minutes of quality movement. Now please know that after about two minutes, you’ll realize that this is more of a workout than anything. Sweat will start rolling down your back. Hair will get in the way. A foot cramp is bound to come. It’s tiring.

“Riding is one of the most difficult things about sex. Thigh stability… your ankes gotta be stable too. Then you have to have the energy to bounce up and down. Sometimes I’ll just lean against them and do a little twerk just to get away with it. It’s literally like a workout. I hate it. I’d rather be in control by sucking your dick. Cause riding is hard… AND it has me sweating out my edges.”

Allow your man to help you! He can rock you, grip your hips with guidance, or lift you up and down with his hands underneath your butt.

“As a guy you’re supposed to grab the bottom of her ass and help her out: It could be for rhythm or because she’s not doing it right. Niggas do it because it helps us go deeper as well.”

Provide the hint, by directing his hands wherever you need some assistance. If he wants some consistency, he’ll be down to provide a helping hand. If anything, use his body as a way to support yourself, whether that means holding on to his legs or lying on his chest. If you’re really that tired, just remember to keep kissing him, whether you slow it all the way down or stop completely.

Put On a Show

Men are visual. They love breasts. They love ass. So the sight of you bouncing up and down on top of him does nothing but enhance the physical pleasure that’s already taking place.

from the front:

Let those titties bounce! Females love walking around with no bra anyways, so having them dangle in the air should be no problem. It can be a little intimidating to have your breast out in midair moving up and down, but your erect nipples and/or sexy lingerie is super appealing to the eye.

from the back:

Reverse cowgirl provides an excellent view of the female posterior, so remember to put an arch in ya back and pop that booty out. Arching your back actually allows the penis to reach your G-spot more effectively so it works in your favor to bend a little more. Your legs should be on the side of his hips and his legs work as your support to move around. This position can provide a sense of privacy meaning: if that shit is huge and you’re struggling to keep a cute face, you want to play with yourself but not let him see, or it’s not the type of relationship where you need to be gazing in each others eyes, this is perfect. More importantly, HE GETS TO SEE THAT ASS CLAP. Hit him with a left cheek, right cheek, both cheek combo.

“I like both to be honest, but I prefer reverse because of the view, plus she’s more likely to show off because she knows you’re looking.”

Regardless of the angle, provide positive feedback that you’re enjoying what’s being done. Smile because you know you’re f***ing shit up or provide him with the sexiest face you can think of. Moan and dirty talk. Remind him that it’s still just you, despite the switch of roles and when your work is done, don’t just roll over or hop off. Provide him with some quality head. He will never forget you, guaranteed.


  • If he tells you to get on top, then he obviously doesn’t think you’re too big, but a dick is not designed to handle all of your body weight by itself. Dick’s can break, so don’t go ham. “If you break it then it is no use to neither one of y’all. So you need to avoid bouncing crazy high & then slamming down on him.”
  • Look him straight in the eye to intensify the connection or play with your boobs &  clit (guys oddly enough like watching ya touch yaself )
  • If your man takes his hands & guides you… DO WHAT HE IS ASKING! He is trying to help you!
  • “I can spin around and keep the dick inside” — Trina//Look Back at Me No matter how big (or small) do not to let the dick slide out.


  • Try a different location: Riding in a chair or a sofa is actually a lot of easier than a mattress, because you can place your feet on the ground for support. With both feet planted, you can turn it almost into a lap dance… or a twerk-off. Whatever you see fit.
  • To all my non-dancers out there, you gotta find a beat and stay with it. If it makes it easier, learn a few songs and play them in your head (or outloud) while performing the act.

Often times, riding can come rather naturally, but just like everything else…practice makes perfect. Every girl has gotten on top of a pillow or sat in front of the mirror and bounced her ass.

Travis Porter taught you the movements. Now just apply those same techniques…with a dick in you.


male and female specimens.

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