Backshots are one of those things that seem fun and exciting until it happens and you realize how intense the position really is. “Rear entry,” “doggy-style,” or simply hitting it from the back involves penetration from behind and whether one’s standing, on all fours, facing the wall, laying over the table, in front of the mirror or in the bed, there’s one thing they all have in common.


Backshots can be rather intimidating, because here you are back, ass, p***y, bootyhole, and that one spot you couldn’t reach when you shaved earlier on full display, trying to figure out why you can suddenly feel something inside your stomach. While here he is dominantly ramming you from the back with long deep thrusting movements only encouraged by the sound of your ass clapping and the groans of your sensual pain.

For ladies, you’ll either be taking it like a champ or running for your life. For males, it’s pretty much a ticking time bomb for ejaculation due to the amazing view, extreme amount of friction, and overall ultimate control. Researchers from the University of Kentucky even listed “doggy-style” as the highest ranking sex position for a “quick finish.” What’s even better news is that with the right techniques, the chances of my ladies having an orgasm are just as high. Whether you have a penis or vagina, one should know how to maximize the backshot and make so many’s favorite position even better.


In short, sex from the back feels absolutely amazing, because of the deep penetration all rear entry provides. In doggy style or any of its variations, the penis has a way of targeting the female G-spot. Whether it is direct contact or rubbing against the area, the stimulation of this little patch bestows incredible sensations. For some women, this area is so sensitive it can feel uncomfortable through the simplest touch, but for those who can push past the odd and somewhat unique tingle, the chances of orgasms are quite superior.




You can ask any dancer what the key to being sexy is and other than face, I can almost guarantee that knowing how to arch your back is right there at number two. When it comes to being face down/ass up, there’s no such thing as an overarch. Tis the single most influential bedroom posture a woman can assume.


“It is important for you to arch your back to allow him to get as deep as possible. It’s way more visibly pleasing… no one wants to see a cat hump while f***ing and the best way to achieve it is to keep your face down while trying to toot your butt up.”

With your head low and your bottom high, literally POP YOUR ASS OUT . You want the cheeks to be free to jiggle and bounce at the top. Your rump will look a lot rounder and the elongation of your body will only encourage this mans to do you right.

I just have to stand and pay homage while staring for a brief moment. Round ass, thick thighs, defined calves, and pointy toes with my name all over it. If she’s wet and her juices are all over it’s certainly one of the best things to behold. At that point I can hardly wait to get it (or get back in). 

It seems rather simple, but just like everything else… practice makes perfect. Have no shame finding what works best for you in front of that mirror on your door. If you’re feeling awkward an easy trick is to bring your elbows down or even extend your arms out flat in front. If one’s back is flat, penetration is restricted and there’s no way any real jiggle is going to occur. Also, having an arch while your elbows or head is down lifts your pelvis for maximum G-spot impact, so work it to your advantage. 

“Practice getting the deepest arch. I promise it always drives guys crazy when your booty is tooted up in the air ready to take him in.”


“Backshots are essential to ‘soul snatching.’ It will either make you or break you. If done properly, she could very likely orgasm right then and there.”

Do not focus on the pain. Focus on the sensations. You gotta stay in the game no matter what. Stabilize yourself with any- and everything: furniture, your headboard, the wall, the sheets, something. Bite into the pillow. If you need him to slow down, turn around and grab his arm. Moan. Scream. He can’t see your face, so it’s alright if you look horrendous. Do whatcha gotta do to last however long you can. 

“I’ve literally had to give myself a pep talk when taking it from the back. I mean I’m having a full on conversation with myself OUT LOUD, telling myself to get my shit together and take it! Sometimes you gotta remind yourself that you ain’t no b**ch.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.14.03 PM.png


Something many amateurs don’t understand is that doggy-style does not require the recipient to be fully passive. You can be the driving force, just as much as he can. So turn around and tell him you got it, while challenging him to stay perfectly still. Move forward and backwards, pushing yourself off whatever you used as a stabilizer to build momentum and create forceful contact.

“For women this is your time to be the star of King of Diamonds and throw it back. It’ll give your partner a chance to take a break and watch you in all your glory. All the jiggle, clapping and everything in between.”

Start slow and speed it up. Roll around, then go up and down. Most importantly, bounce your ass like never before. Think of it like you’re twerking and grinding…just with a dick in you. The key to success is all in your lower back. Your front arms are solely for stabilization, while your back is simply popping your cheeks up so it naturally falls back down on the dick. Eventually your body will develop a rhythm and your only goal is to continue on that pattern until he forces you to stop. Before you know it, you’ll be working in sync together, where he pushes from the back, you push from the front and the two of you slam together.


  • OCCASIONALLY HIT HIM W/ THE LOOK. It can be the damn you’re sexy as hell glare or the oh my gosh, I’m about to cum face. Regardless of which, both confirm your enjoyment and encourage him to go harder.
  • DON’T BE QUIET. Not that hard of a task if he’s doing it right. When he’s asking you questions or conversing, don’t be afraid to respond no matter how difficult it is to formulate a sentence. Call him daddy and tell him it’s all his.
  • PRACTICE TWERKING ON ALL FOURS. This is literally the groundwork for doggy-style.
  • DON’T STRAIN YA NECK BABYGIRL. There is a pillow there for a reason. Get cozy. Relax.
  • CROSS ONE KNEE OVER THE OTHER. This allows extra pressure around his shaft. 
  • WHEN YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH, DROP DOWN TO YOUR STOMACH. He can still insert from behind while on top of you. Just make sure to keep your booty a little lifted.



Y’all tend to get rather self involved at this point during intercourse. “I’m bout to beat her shit! She not finna walk tomorrow because of me!! I been waiting three weeks for this!!!” I get it. All quite understandable. In fact, you are right my dear sir. Now is the time to put in dat work, but lest you forget about the partnership of sex. Complement your stroke game with words of encouragement, the slapping of cheeks, and exertions of control.

Pull her hair, do a chokehold or grab her breast, while still insider her. Redefine her whole memory of what a spanking is for. Lick the crevice of her back and whisper something in her ear as you slide your fingers up and down her labia lips. This minute extra attention could push your woman over the edge. Cause i’m telling y’all… there is NOTHING worse than you being wiped out, rolled over, and fully fulfilled while she’s sitting their like….. umm….



“Niggas don’t know how to fuck. They give a shorty weak strokes from the back and expect that to affect them. You have talk to her, choke her, let her know how good she looks with your dick inside of her. Make her know that there’s no other place you’d rather be than right there in that moment. Kiss her, suck on her. Lick her. Let her know.”


Pain is not always pleasure – sometimes it’s just pain – and dudes think they deserve a pat on the back for beating it up, when he’s assaulting the nani more than pleasuring it.

Doggy-style often hurts due to the unique depth of penetration, but you could also very well be hitting your partner’s cervix [the neckline passage of tissue that connects the vagina and the uterus]. Too much pounding against these walls can cause tension and tightness which may feel like perfection to you, but extreme pain for her, especially when she’s not properly lubricated. Therefore, START SLOW.




The opening and first third of the vagina is much more sensitive than the rest, so shallow thrusts to begin with will only better prepare her for what is to come. The feeling of you softly sliding in and out is just as memorable as you deep within, so take the time to build into the pounding.

TO THOSE WITH THE JAWBREAKERS: Listen. Sometimes we need a minute to adjust to your dick. This could be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen. Longest thing we’ve ever seen. Thickest thing we’ve ever seen. So just give us a sec. Let us have a couple strokes. The tip is the most sensitive part of the penis anyways, so stimulate the head with the vaginal opening and take it from there. Providing the opportunity for one to acclimate oneself. 


Most people start acting real finicky when we mention anything involving the second hole, but this is an excellent way to slowly introduce anal play. I’m not saying stick ya dick in her booty, but take it to the next level. Drop some spit and penetrate slowly with your fingers. Future said it best 👍🏾🍑


You have made it inside. You are now in full gear. She is damn near hollering. You feel that droplet of sweat trickling down your chest. And then you pull out. Alright a couple more strokes. One of y’all is bound to cum. You’re praying it’s not you, but it very well might be. So you pull out again. Sike nah, you’re just gonna slow it down. You’re in control here. You start thinking about 2k, but suddenly she yells something nasty. Pulls out again.

“It’s just like girls with riding… one can’t be slipping off the dick every three seconds, because it ruins the overall fluidity. This same concept applies to you and your backshots. Consistency is the key.”

DO NOT REPETITIVELY PULL OUT AND PUT IT BACK IN. Every time you pull out, she has to now prep herself for you to put it back in. That first time is priceless, yes, but the moment doesn’t need to be countlessly repeated. For most ladies, chances are she’s not gonna stay in place and take it. So the run and chase can sometimes cause for reinsertion, but aim to keep her in a target area. When you’re all the way in, rather than coming almost all the way back out, pull back an inch or two and thrust back inside. Hard thrusts are still applicable here, you’re just deep the entire time. The limitation of movement allows for stamina maintenance, with access still to excessive stimulation. Also it eliminates one of the most awkward parts of sex: queefing.

Queef: The sound a vagina makes when it sucks in a bunch of air and blows it back out. 

Basically it’s a vaginal fart, most common after very fast paced and/or deep penetration (aka doggy-style and all it’s variants). Vigorous thrusts basically trap air inside as the vagina expands to fit the size of your penis and when it aims to return to normal, the natural byproduct is a loud, vibrating, sometimes funny, but definitely disruptive queef.

“I was doing doggystyle with this guy but I kept queefing and if you ever experienced this you know how gross and embarrassing it sounds. But from my experience guys actually enjoy that sound and it makes them go harder. So if you ever experience such occurrences I would say ignore it and keep doing your thang.”

  • WATCH YOUR KILLER GRIP. She is already trying to survive. She does not need any additional unnecessary pain.
  • BALLS ON THE VULVA IS A GOODIE. Aim for this. This is deep. This is legendary.
  • WIGGLE YO SHIT AROUND. There’s nothing crazier than her feeling you inside and moving in different directions. Change your angles. 
  • HELP SIS. Some girls don’t know that they have a bad arch. So if it could be improved, take your hand and gently push on the small of her back.
  • THIS IS PRIME DIRTY TALK TIME. In this moment, whatever you say goes. Tell her to take it and she probably will. Tell her to call you a name and she probably will. Tell her to cum and… well, you see the pattern.
  • WHEELBARROWWWW. Don’t embarrass yourself. This is only if you have the strength to hold some thick thighs. Have her lean on her forearms and then hold her thighs, so that together you literally make a wheelbarrow! Proceed accordingly.
  • FOREPLAY. FOREPLAY. FOREPLAY. Simply because niggas be forgetting. 

The clitoris is the pleasure center for all vagina owners, responsible for at least 75% of all female orgasms. If you know anything about cunnilingus, you understand its role as the most sexually sensitive part of the human female genitalia with over 8,000 nerve endings densely compiled within a single area seen to the human eye. So obviously  with enough attention, good things are bound to happen. Therefore, take the time to include this little nugget within your doggy-style technique. Stimulate the clit! Use your fingers and go to town or simply place a pillow between your legs to grind on top of while he thrusts. This is the one piece of advice that will change the game.



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