Vagina’s are very complicated (just like their owners) and knowing how to please them can be a challenge within itself. Squirting is considered one of the highest forms of orgasm, where one fully surrenders to the experience. However this act specifically, turns out to be moderately difficult to understand.

Despite the amount of research done in the scientific field of sex, female squirting is a subject without lots of attention. So whether or not it’s pee, whether or not it’s a real orgasm, and whether or not it can happen with all vaginal carriers is truly unknown. Here’s what experts think and how to get the job done (cause who really cares what scientists think?)


According to MD, Madeleine M. Castellanos of The Sex MD, the mystery of squirting has been debated for years. For the longest time, scientists equated squirting to female ejaculation, when instead the new discovery is that squirting is often accompanied by female ejaculation.

The main distinction between the two is where this thin, milky fluid comes from. Squirting is a large stream of liquid coming from the urethra, while female ejaculation is a smaller amount sourcing from the vagina. So yes, squirting is in fact diluted urine, while that small gush of fluid escaping from her vagina after you pull out is her ejaculating.

Basically in that moment, you don’t really know what it is. But whether it’s cum or a urinal dilute… liquid coming out her lower half is a goal many should strive for.


Physiologically, stimulation of the g-spot arouses the skene’s gland which release hormones and fluids that eventually lead to squirting. It’s a long process that involves patience and persistence.

Establish a level of comfort between you and your partner. The woman needs to be extremelyyyyy relaxed, so doing this with someone you barely know probably isn’t the move. Having some sort of connection provides a level of intimacy that makes foreplay more than just a chore. Squirting requires a lot of attention and once you start… I’m personally holding everyone accountable to finish.

Now I strongly recommend participating in one of the most powerful sexual practices known to man *cough cough* oral, but hey who am I? Listen to that of Chris Breezy. He damn near laid the groundwork for you guys:

“I’mma kiss it right, yeah, yeah, I’m gon’ lick all night, yeah, yeah, girl when I’m inside, yeah, yeah  —  

According to the 2011 F.A.M.E classic, the next thing that’s up is her wetting the bed. So get to it. Lie her on her back. Spread her knees. Progress from her inner thighs to her labia. Tongue her clitoris while simultaneously slipping a finger inside. Do not just shove your fingers inside a vagina… she has to be warmed up aka wet for any type of squirt squirt to happen. Kiss. Suck. Lick her nipples. Gently brush her clit (and I mean gently). The more aroused she is, the easier it will be to find exactly what you’re looking, which is her G-spot.

G-SPOT: Rough-textured patch on the anterior front wall of the vagina about three inches in. Swells when aroused.

If you’re having a hard time finding it, she might not be aroused enough. Get back to licking boi, until you reach inside and feel something similar to that of an almond. To induce an orgasm here, you have to master the “come hither” motion, as if you’re telling someone to come here with your fingers. Start stroking back and forth with one finger and then advance to two after a minute or so. Peep🌚👇🏾

By this time she’s probably gonna get to squirming and you’re definitely gonna notice a change in her breathing. Your main objective is to build momentum in two ways.

  1. Apply pressure to your strokes. 
  2. Speed everything up. 

There’s no set time on how long you have to wait for the eruption, so impatience can become an issue. Twenty minutes should put you in good standing, but it could be more and it could be less. Tell your hand to stay strong and keep going.

  • If she’s saying it hurts… slow down. Ya might be wilding out. Especially if you’re nails aren’t trimmed. You want to get the point across, but don’t be too too rough. The G-spot reacts to hard and vigorous thrusting not gentle stimulation like the clitoris. 
  • If there’s ever a point where she’s dry (in the beginning obviously)… all acts must cease. Either more foreplay is necessary or y’all need to find some lube packets asap.
  • If you’re doing the do and there’s blood… most likely she’s just recently been on her period. Now might not be the best time for squirting.


Congratulations you’ve made it this far! With enough attention, the G-Spot should start to feel pretty solid. If her walls seem to tighten and there’s this sudden pressure on your fingers, you’re goody. All it means is the G-spot is filling up with blood and swelling as a result. You’re still not done though. You are now in what most sexperts call “overdrive,” conveying the overkill of force in this sexual experience. Place the palm of your hand on her clitoris and keep those fingers going, so the clit is simultaneously stimulated. She’s going to squirm as things intensify, but hold her down and continue on.

Speed-slide those two fingers in and out of her hole, still aiming upward towards the g-spot. The hand you’re not using should be pressing down on her stomach and pubic bone to add more vaginal pressure. Go as fast as you can. Hold her legs apart with your other hand, if you have to. You want to make sure she stays relatively still and that you KEEP GOING.

it’s happening:

When you can sense she’s almost there, it’s time to finish the job. It’s important to know her critical point, which can be pretty easy to learn over time if they’re a regular sex partner. Look her dead in the eye and re-establish your purpose. Assist your dominance with directions to essentially push your agenda. Telling her things like: “come on babe,” “just let it go,” and “push it out for me.” A “squirt for me baby,” could be all the encouragement she needs to take her over the edge.

The muscles associated with orgasms and squirting are your PC muscles. Ladies, if you feel yourself starting to near orgasm, focus on pushing down your PC muscles, as if you’re pushing out urine (or poop). The combination of you pushing down and g-spot pressure should make it extremely difficult for the bladder to hold out. An orgasm is as much in the mind as it is in the body. So think release, release, release. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to try. Listen to what it’s telling you…


When she gets the urge to pee, you should start going harder, cause an orgasm is right around the corner. Calm her fear of urinating and explain that this temporary sensation will pass.

Ladies, DON’T CHICKEN OUT. It is a-okay girl, let it go.Take that tingling rush as a sign your almost there. About 10–50 seconds after the pee sensation begins, she should start to cum. When she does, go harder and harder and harder, still pressuring the g-spot so she can squirttttttttt. Expect her to scream, and a transparent liquid to shoot from the vag.

“Mine was a combination of fingering and head at the same time. It did feel like pee’ing, but then again I don’t know. My body just felt like my soul had left it. Legs was shook! I was trembling, but I was numb.”

When all this is happening, it’s critical to give her some words of encouragement. Tell her ya love her or to keep it coming or that she’s squirting for you.

cleaning up:

Welp, the bed is now wet. Guys ejaculates all the time so when she does, don’t make it anything to be embarrassed about.

Honestly, how one is embarrassed I’m not sure. You both just went through a storm and made it out together. The more common after emotions include relief, exhaustion, and shock. For males, expression is important here, whether that means cracking a joke how good you did your job or how great it was to see her out of her element. She’s probably going to be worn out, so give her a minute to get herself together. Then proceed with sex. Don’t immediately ask for fellatio. She don’t want to hear that.

Squirting is definitely something that needs to be cleaned up on site. So if this is your plan, keep a towel nearby for the mess. Post-squirting side effects include an excellent mood, a great sense of pride, and you probably won’t be able to walk normally for a while.

“We both were surprised right after it happened… I even took a picture. And I fell off the bed cause I couldn’t feel my legs.”

Researchers have studied whether squirting is capable for all or only a certain number of women.

“One time I messed with this guy whose hands were actual gifts from the heavens above. He told me he was gonna make me cum, but of course I didn’t think anything of it, cause dick is the only thing that ever really affected me. Next thing you know I can’t formulate sentences…like I’m trying but I’m just blubbering like my momma when she speaking in tongues. After a while he forcefully grabs me and says, ‘All you gotta do is cum for me.’ I start trying to run away. I’m scooting from one side of the bed to another. I’m barely breathing, mumbling “What the fuck!” Screeching, “Oh my gosh…what’s going on!” He stops cause at this point I’m convinced I look absolutely insane. He asks “Do you want me to stop? Are you okay?” I tell him to keep going… this is just wild. So after laughing, he starts up again, even faster than before. He’s obviously in it for the long run, so I’m just like okay If I cum this can all end. Then he asks if I’m a squirter. I dead stare back at him like, ‘I don’t normally do any of this. I don’t know.’ Then it hits. All of a sudden I feel like I have to pee. REALLY REALLY BAD. But I just couldn’t do it… I couldn’t let it go.”

For some people it happens once and never again, while for others… they change their sheets every time. To increase your chances, do kegel exercises to strengthen your muscles. Also, make an effort to pee before sex, so when it feels like you’re about to urinate… you can relax, knowing your bladder is empty.

Percentages of women who report that they have at some time experienced the gushing of fluid during orgasm range from six percent to 60 percent depending on the study. Guys, don’t make it a goal to accomplish, because it’s really on her. Do your job and hope for the best. Don’t pressure her to squirt or plant the idea too early cause nerves and discomfort can only make it harder. She could be scared or just not trust you enough. Make the effort still.

If you aren’t trying to use your hands, here are some positions to help you:


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