“Girl what’s wrong? / My man ain’t shit… / But why you won’t leave em? / Cause b*tch… the dick too bomb.”

To be dickmitized can be an amazing, yet traumatizing experience and more people have gone through it than you think. Ain’t no shame ladies! Sometimes you’re just blessed with an amazing penis.

Amazing is actually an understatmement to the overly satisfying physical pleasure he brings. Ya mans is LAYIN PIPE, BEATING IT UP, gratifying all five senses. He’s got your walls trembling, legs shaking, back-breaking and face glowing. This person just gets you. They know where to touch and how to kiss and when exactly you’re at your peak. You thought you had really good sex before him, but it turns out all your other niggas were mediocre in comparison. He has no problem eating you out, his fingers know their way around, his dick is one of the prettiest things you’ve ever seen and he can make you cum (3x in a row).

Problem is… he can ruin your life.

This type of dick is low-key the devil, because it has you doing any- and every-thing just to get some more.

Here you are breaking all your typical rules. Skipping class. Sleeping over for morning sex. Buying groceries to cook special meals. Making his bed. Folding his laundry. Anything is a go at this point, meaning yes, you’ve tried anal and had sex in the stacks of Founders. He even pulled ya wig off and you didn’t budge. You’re ditching plans with ya bestie. Study groups are now a waste of time. You voluntarily made the sex tape that’s probably been seen by half his niggas.

You’re willing to call him up and embarrass yourself, because you truly don’t give a damn. You’ll buy the food, the weed and the uber there and back. And if he doesn’t respond to your request until 4am cause he’s been out catching twerks, you will still hop in the shower, shave your body whole, and put on your nicest g-string before heading over.

You’ve even ditched the condom for ol boy, because well… do you really need one. He ran out of gold packs a while back and just never got anymore, but he always pulls out and you’re on birth control (kinda). Plus there’s Plan B if necessary.

YES, YOU ARE NOW RISKING CHILD BIRTH FOR THIS NIGGA — and he’s worth it. Every inch, every pump and every squirt. You’re not in love with him. You know he’s not what you want. He’s nowhere near the one. Matter fact, he ain’t shit, but his dick is amazing. It’s strictly the meat.

You see him in public and can barely function, cause now all you can think about is how you want to fuck the shit out of him later. You can be eating a cheeto puff, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and all of sudden recollect on how good that dick was. He didn’t answer your text, so now you’re upset (freshly shaved, smelling like cocoa butter and lavender). After catching the meanest attitude, you whole-heartedly decide that you’re holding him out until he treats you better, but every time the chance to say no reappears, you start thinking about the backshots he gave you the other night.

When you swore to yourself you’d never talk to him again and then he text you “wyd” and you respond in 2.5 seconds

Soon as you get that notification, your vagina starts throbbing. You know the feeling I’m talking about. It feels like your p*ssy is doing kegels on its own whenever he crosses your mind… 

…and he knows this, therefore using it as a weapon. He is fully aware you’re not gonna dub him, because you’ve already expressed how this is the best shit you’ve ever had in your life.

When he giving good dick and suddenly pulls out:

Problem is… people start acting cray-cray.

One blogger described the interaction perfectly:

Great sex can cause a man to change his mood, his underwear, make breakfast in the morning, return a call as promised or even motivate him to be more successful in life …… Great sex for a woman, however can be a little more complex causing her to spend money she doesn’t have, give away copies of her house key, compromise her morals, risk her credit score, become a private detective, take rides past his house at unusual hours, cut off friends, fall in love, essentially ruin her life, and potentially cause a mental retardation some have lovingly nicknamed being “dickmitized”.

GIRLS CAN GET CRAZY and suddenly eliminate all of God’s common sense from their brain, because they are so caught up in the orgasm. They can truly get obsessed, stocking his twitter, wondering whether he’s sharing their dick with someone else.

“She wanted to fuck more than I did. She was shaking after sex, and she became hella territorial… so acting pretty crazy…like acting like an addict…like she needs it, when you really don’t.”


Now penis-carryers are not exempt from this situation. Being pussy-whipped can be just as intense. Lest we forget the conversation between Darius & Savant after he slept with Nina for the first time (Love Jones).

  • DARIUS: She jacked me up. Dude I mean…it defies description. She put the Vondum, the Santeria…the Yoruba, all of it. She put it on me, man. The next morning I got up and made breakfast.
  • SAVANT: You made breakfast?
  • DARIUS: I was in there cooking.
  • SAVANT: Wait a minute, You cooked what?
  • DARIUS: A cheese omelet.
  • SAVANT: A cheese omelet? D, you better put your name on that. That’s better than a Michael Jordan comeback.

Good P*ssy can have you sleeping however to make sure she’s comfortable, pushing yourself to go extra rounds, getting the haircut she likes most, getting clowned by the crew for staying in, going back to your porn stash for new moves, tightening up your six-pack, waiting ‘til she comes over to watch Power, spending your last on rubbers, agreeing with her foolishness when she’s dead wrong, cooking the one dish you know how to make and pulling out every two minutes. It can even have you contemplating making it official.

Men definitely appreciate good p*ssy. They’ll give you your props and maybe reminisce a little when they see you in the cafe, but for the most part they can take a nap, play some 2k and proceed accordingly.

Problem is… it’s not what you want.

Getting sprung after sex can happen to everyone, young and old. Even Jill Scott admitted she’d been there a few times in an interview with Sister 2 Sister:

“What I’ve discovered is, although it may be a lot of fun, it is also a waste of time and you might be blocking your blessing — blocking somebody who wants to be more to you than just a great time in your life.”

These type of relationships can be toxic and have long-lasting effects. As a participant, you’re placing your body in a constant battle between your mind. You know what you should do, but can’t seem to make the right decision.


  • Nobody does it like him vs. He treats me like shit.
  • He makes me feel so good vs. I never hear from him unless he wants sex.
  • I can depend on him for the D vs. I can’t depend on him for anything else.

Hypnotization de la dick leads only to unhealthy relationships, that result in the devaluation of worth, self-destruction of behavior, and female emotional shambles. One good stroke will make an intelligent woman dumb down for love. She’s oblivious to the fact that sex is giving her a false sense of security and a false sense of belonging.

Ask yourself what are they doing for you other than providing good dick? Learn to satisfy your emotional needs before your physical needs. If you know deep down you’re settling for what you don’t want…hop off the dick.

World renowned sex and relationship expert, Dr. Laura Berman suggests the following: “Have an honest conversation with yourself. Don’t construct superficial reasons around much deeper issues, because you will get deep into an unhealthy relationship or persecute yourself unnecessarily.”

GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Say “fuck it” and make a clean break. Retrain your brain to not yearn for their touch and don’t fold when they make their request. In fact, don’t even respond. “He’s gotten all of his experience through on-the-job training with women he’s successfully made comfortable. This means his skill set has been carefully perfected. He knows he can dickmatize any woman.” Meaning, unless he’s pussy-whipped to you… he can easily find another.

Dick is a naturally occurring renewable resource. The supply is endless. Stop sucking a nigga dick for free. He is only one fish in the sea.


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