Every Sunday at 9PM during this unfortunate halt on normality, I’m posting a poll on our Instagram (@btsheetsblog) regarding all things sex. First let me say, y’all have been nothing less of comical answering these open-ended questions regarding your sexual experiences, and I feel it’s only fair, I put myself on blast as well. So here we go.

  1. How ya feeling? i feel good / sometimes i don’t (i’m lowkey in my feels)
  2. Acquired any new jawns in this quarantine? Shooting any shots? yes ma’am / no ma’am
  3. Most horny for right now? sex / companionship
      • Someone mentioned they’re at like a 55/45 percent split and that’s how I feel. A splash of dick could do the trick, but then again… someone come hold me LMFAO.
  4. Which sex is better? drunk / high 
  5. Do you think you’re good in bed? if so, what makes you so good?  superb / i’m iight
      • I’m really good at certain things, but I’m lowkey ass at others. If you’ve actually read the blog you know I spent a lot of time learning to suck dick. I would argue that I’ve damn near perfected it. I check a few other boxes that slide me into the superb category, but y’all I have a weak ankle that won’t hold me up for nothing. My thighs go kinda crazy, and every-time I try to ride I’m just thinking in my head, “B*tch, you’re heavy as f*ck.”
  6. How you sending the nudes? invisible ink / fuck it, mask off
  7. Do you know what fellatio means? yes / no
  8. Where is the perineum?
      • Some of y’all said the clitoris was the perineum and I just *sigh* More than half got this right though. Essentially, the perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum or the vulva. I know genital anatomy isn’t the sexiest, but it can be extremely beneficial in terms of foreplay and erogenous zones. During arousal, the perineum is a pretty sensitive little strip and different types of stimulation like licking, a gentle finger massage or vibration can really spice things up. Don’t worry a genital anatomy AND erogenous zone post is coming.
  9. Ever had ya genitals on FaceTime? yes (and we both nutted) / sis… relax
  10. Who are you post-sex? mad chatty / slumped (Shoutout my chatterboxes!)
  11. What’s the shortest a session has ever been and how did you react?
      • A man nutted in a couple strokes once. I was genuinely confused cause my shits bomb, but is it that bomb?
  12. Would you rather marry someone: unattractive, but y’all have bomb sex / attractive, but y’all have terrible sex?
      • I’m not about to be deprived in my marriage. I need you to be able to hit the spot in the laundry room while the chicken nuggets are in the oven and the kids watching PBS.
  13. Pick one: shower sex / period sex
      • There are so many things I want to say here because damn near all of y’all picked shower sex. But in my humble opinion shower sex is ass. Unless you got a really nice shower, which I know y’all don’t have. For men, I understand–because the thought of blood on your dick should arguably make you a bit queasy. But it’s not like sis is really bleeding. It normally halts for the shenanigans. But then again, I don’t have sex on my period, I have anal, so what is the truth here?
  14. Pick one: handcuffs / blindfolds
  15. Pick one (for the lusty vibes): henny / tequila (I’m lusty off all alcohol, tbh.)
  16. On average, how long is a woman gonna ride? ehhh ten-ish (I have no shame in my 4)
  17. Do you consider a facial disrespectful? of course / not at all
      • I don’t consider it disrespectful, I just don’t think it should be a common courtesy.
  18. Do you ask your partners’ STD/HIV status before piping? always (98% of the time)
  19. Preference with protection? birth control + condoms / pull out + pray
  20. What makes someone ‘sexy?’ What do you define as sex appeal? I think sex appeal is all about one’s ability to seduce. Obviously physical attraction contributes to that, but it’s really about getting the other person to desire you. It’s a combination of confidence, with the presence of allure. 

Thanks again to everyone who played, and feel free to contact me if you have questions for the next round. Stay strong hoes (respectfully).


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