Again, y’all were nothing less of comical with the responses. It seems like everyone’s had some really good sex, but also their share of horror stories. Join the club, lmao. See y’all next Sunday @ 9PM!

  1. How are things? OK / truth is i’m tired 
  2. Reached out to an old flame out of boredom yet? folded / can’t fold
      • In my defense, it wasn’t a fold. Someone was simply on my mind, and I thought it not robbery to say hello.
  3. Any old flames “checked in” on you? 😎 (yes) / nah
  4. Tuned into any ass clapping on IG live? QUARANTINE! QUARANTINE! / imani… what
      • I recently witnessed a woman pour almond milk on her ass, while twerking lmao. Shoutout Quarantine Radio with Tory Lanez #FreeTory
  5. Do you associate rhythm with sex?  lowkey / not at all
  6. Who has stronger sex appeal? Bey / Rih
  7. Have you ever used a female condom? yes / no (LMAO it was 100% no)
  8. If you died today, what sexual act would you regret not having done?
      • In my head, the answer is a threesome, but I also have an extensive list as to why I shouldn’t participate in one, so I guess… nothing. Actually, I have an answer, but I won’t say it here, because it can and will be used against me. 
  9. How do you prefer to have sex? butt ass / partially clothed
  10. Calling a woman a b*tch during sex? love the energy / issa no for me
  11. Which hormone found in semen is known as the “cuddle chemical”? Oxytocin
      • Somehow I got on this deep dive about whether or not semen is healthy for you, because this girl was saying her skin got clearer from facials. And then I start thinking in terms of swallowing and your digestion. This will be an article lmfao. 
  12. Do you judge if someone has sex on the first date? i do / i don’t
      • Over ninety percent of y’all said you don’t judge, and this is where I have to pull the cap card, because y’all forget I know some of you in real life. From what I’ve learned, men don’t think introducing sex early is a real issue. With men, things you would think matter, don’t really matter, but then the most random thing is a matter of character lol. However, my experience with the ladies is quite different. Not only will you judge yourselves for sex on a first date, but you’ll judge the character of a man who wants to introduce sex to you as early as a first date. So hmm, what is the truth???
  13. Ever been bamboozled (all talk, terrible sex)?
      • I’ve been bamboozled twice in my life, and though I went about them very differently, both ended up getting cursed out for not meeting my expectations lmao. One was a friend so I couldn’t just “fall back,” while the other I ended up sitting down and explicitly stating that if he ever gave me that weak ass, lazy ass, you not even my main thang, i’m just tryna get my nut off bullshit again, it was a wrap for him lmao.
  14. “I’ma put a thumb in her butt”: thumbs up / thumbs down
      • This is going to sound nuts… but I just… I want all my women to know what it feels like to have both of your holes filled simultaneously lmao. I’ve seen the numbers folks. The men are right here willing and able. But also I understand how the bootyhole is simply of no interest to some.
  15. Your partner wants a threesome with your best friend? excuse me? / w. the shits
  16. Do you feel pubic hair (male + female) should be controlled? issa courtesy / accept the bush
  17. Ever said someone else’s name during sex?
      • When I got out of a relationship and had sex for the first time, I kid you not I caught myself about to say this man’s name. Luckily it started with a vowel, so I finessed it to a moan, but it was the weirdest thing cause I wasn’t thinking about him at all. In fact, I was fully enamored by the man on top of me, so we just gon say it was done out of habit (eek).
  18. Pick one: dominate / submit
  19. Pick one: thong / boyshorts 
  20. Pick one: partynextdoor / the weeknd
  21. What’s the most sensitive part of your body? My neck and my ears are actually alarmingly hypersensitive when I’m aroused. To the point that I actually flinch most of the time people touch them, because it’s too much lmao.

That’s it! Thanks as always for playing and taking the time to read my answers — making me feel all special. Until next time hoes (respectfully),


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