Before I started this blog, I asked a ton of my friends (both penis carriers and lotus flower bombs) one simple question: How did you learn to have sex? The results were all the same…porn or good ole’ trial and error. For an act that is responsible for passion, pregnancies and life-changing infections, you would think us human would take some time to learn more about it.

I first learned about sex first in church. They were explicitly clear that it was something we weren’t supposed to do. Three human growth and development classes later, I still didn’t have a clue as to what sex really involved. I knew the basics obviously, but like… how did you really do it? How did you get better? How were people bouncing on dicks, then dropping in splits? What class was available for that? Where was that information or brochure located?

Sex education in my personal opinion is quite trash. And i’m not just talking about where babies come from— i’m talking about where your clitoris is, how birth control effects your hormones, and how to hit the g-spot (which is still up for debate on existence). I started humping my pillow to help myself sleep in middle school, and it wasn’t until 11th grade I realized babygirl you’re masturbating!

So that’s why I’m here (the people’s champ!) For the virgins who have not a clue, the woman who wants to see if she can squirt, the man who can’t get his girl to cum, and the siren whose just trying to suck dick a tad bit better: this safe-space is for you.

Let’s talk sex. How to do it. How it changes you. How it changes your body. How it can affect your relationship. How embarrassing it can be. How it’s nothing like the movies (and yes I’m talking about the ones on pornhub).

–its, “the sex connoisseur”