• From what I gathered if you never saved their number, then it doesn’t count.
  • Apparently if you listen to Kirk Franklin’s Rebirth album after some trash sex it doesn’t count.
  • Side pieces only count for 25% of a body. So it would take 4 side jawns to truly cheat on your girl.
  • If she don’t text you back the next day she not a body and I promise you… She not counting you as one of hers.
  • If her friend try to fwu after y’all stop talking she not a new body she a substitute.
  • “@LxrdTrippy: Body count start over every Sunday cause I ask the Lord for forgiveness.”

These highly laughable rules created by @OfficialDetroyt were the highlight of Howard twitter one late February night. He ended his twitter rant by saying, “there’s a jawn out there who thinks that we believe these body count tweets & I pray for her.

The joke over what counts as a body or not, or whether the number is even relevant has been debated for years and viewpoints range from one end of the spectrum to another.

female w/2 bodies loyal, “nice/good” girl, frigid, wifey material
female w/16 bodies slut, hoe, thot, whore, easy, possibly down for the team
male w/1 bodies boring, no game, lameee, something is wrong with you
male w/24 bodies fast, player, f**ckboy, sticks his thing in anythang

J. Cole said it best, “she say she only f*cked like 4-5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by three.” Girls are prone to lie about their count for one, if not two reasons: (1) She feels as if her character will be judged. (2) Her count doesn’t equate to her ideal number.

“No one wants to be seen as a hoe. They want to be seen as classy. And in modern times, guys feel as if a low or no body count.. equates to wifey material. So even if you have one or two, you’ll lie and say you’re a virgin.”

Females abide to the social norm that quantity represents quality and judge themselves accordingly, taking preventive measures for the sake of their own status, even if it means lying to do so. This is something that both sexes tend to do. For guys, the wrong number can suddenly change one’s entire viewpoint on his personality. A body count can also turn into a boasting game, where males exaggerate their sexual history for acceptance between others.

“Niggas put more pressure on each other to be a player and have hella girls, than anyone else. Nobody wants to be the guy getting no p***y. You just feel like a lame, even if you’re not.”

“One of my boys once told me he had fifty bodies when there was absolutely no way.”

So if everyone lies about their count, what’s the purpose?

“Body counts are childish lowkey, but if you had a train ran on you, then you’re obviously not cuff able.”

Apparently, your number relates to your compatibility as a bae. Despite X & Y having absolutely…


To start, body counts are completely invalid measurements of one’s sexual activity. You could have one body and have participated in 3x as much sex as the person with six.

“I’d rather keep having sex with an old body, than add a new one.. that way I can have hella sex but it not affect my count. Seems like i’m not wilding… even though I am.”

“You could have been in a long-term relationship where you only had sex with your girl. Y’all break up and you be judged later, or even feel less like a man, because your count is lower than someone who was out f***ing the whole time.”

One’s count can definitely be useful when evaluating different health risks. For the more sexual partners you have, the higher one’s risk towards STD’s, STI’s, and unwanted pregnancies. These however are possibilities of sex in general, whether your count is one or on the way to 100. Still some don’t agree, as if the amount of sex you have directly correlates to how good of a person you are. And this can be true even within friend groups…

“I refuse to ever accept the fact that hoes who f*ck around can be seen as actual GOOD girls. No lol, not fair for the girls who actually dont f***ing do shit, let them be praised. Go be a hoe elsewhere.”

“If we’re all in the circle and everyone else has two and you have twenty….. yeah you’re gonna lie. Hell, I only have 5.5.” 

@OfficialDetroyt came up with a few guidelines as a joke, but for some females, there are other rules that often apply to their calculations. We underestimate, subtract one, and ignore that one night stand that “never happened,” especially if:

  1. He didn’t “exactly” penetrate.
  2. Only the tip went in.
  3. It only lasted like ten seconds.
  4. I stopped him, cause I realized I didn’t actually want to do it.

Psychology Today’s Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D. explained, “The prevailing attitude downplays men’s involvement (because “after all, he is a man”), while criticizing similar behavior from women (since “women take sex more seriously”). This attitude actually denies women’s ability to enjoy sex purely for its own sake—because they are assumed to take sex more seriously and expected to engage in it only with the love of their life.”

Let’s say you are visiting another school’s homecoming for the weekend. You meet this girl or guy at the tailgate and have sex with them later that night. If you’re the male, you’ll probably be applauded by your boys ’cause “ayee you lit. You bagged her in one day.” While if you’re the female, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be degraded for your actions, “coming down here and having sex with people you barely even know.”

But girls are supposed to perform sexuality for boys, rather than their own sexual pleasure, right?

This mindset causes males to associate a number with her chances of doing the squad, rather than her actual interest in personal pleasure. Additionally, the amount of sex tends to foolishly equate to the likelihood of faithfulness within a relationship.

Having sex every day. Never having sex. Saving sex for your wedding night. Having sex with different people. Being loud. Being quiet. Doing it while your roommates asleep or in the stacks of Founders. The only thing that’s ever wrong with sex, is when it’s not consensual.

The perfect number is always subjective, so rather than focusing on counts… focus on information that can get you somewhere, like past relationships and tendencies.

“Fuck a body count. Did you ever cheat on somebody? How many hearts you done broke?”

Most likely y’all are going to ignore all this advice, which is okay. Just expect more lies on both parts.


Peggy Orenstein, author of the new book Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape.

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